Bellevue FC Win Community Cup For Second Year.

Bellevue FC with Wrexham DSA All Stars
Bellevue FC with Wrexham DSA All Stars

At the end of last season, Bellevue had won their first trophy, lifting the Wrexham Community Cup at the Racecourse ground. What followed was a stream of accolades for a club still in its infancy. Club founder Delwyn Derrick was awarded the Police and Crime Commissioners Community Award for Equality and Diversity and the North East Wales Football League Secretary of the Year. The club was featured as part of the Wrexham is the Name art exhibition at Ty Pawb, was awarded the Daily Post Sportsmanship Award and was invited to be a stakeholder as part of Glyndwr University’s Alien project. This resulted in members of the club being invited to the House of Lords by Lord Roberts of Llandudno to talk about the great work that Bellevue FC is doing in Wrexham.

The second season of Bellevue FC has been even better with Bellevue lifting the Arfon Jones Trophy in October as part of Hate Crime Awareness Week. Following this the club was featured on BBC Wales Live, presented by Jason Mohamed and a second film by Percy Dean, featuring Bellevue FC player Jordan Wright as part of the charity Mind’s campaign for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Most recently, Bellevue founder Delwyn Derrick, was named volunteer of the year at the Wrexham County Borough Council Sports Awards 2019 for the achievements of Bellevue FC. This was followed by the highest profile game that Bellevue Park has ever seen, as Bellevue FC took on the Wrexham DSA All Stars. The handpicked opposition included Sky Sports’ Bryn Law, former Wales captain Andy Melville, Richie McNeil and Wrexham legend Gaz Owen to name just a few. The two teams competed to raise awareness of the barriers that people face in sports, with the Community Cup on the line again. It was Bellevue FC who lifted the trophy for the second year in a row and a personal point of pride for the players to have shared the field with an incredible team of sporting legends.

The 2019 season has been an amazing experience for Bellevue FC and one the team are looking to top next season.