Ecosystems Report

Published: 17 December 2019

Environment (Wales) Act 2016 Part 1 – Section 6

The Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystems Duty Report 2019

Offa Community Council

Offa Community Council provide a range of services to its local community which have an impact on biodiversity. These include:

  • Responsibility for a number of green spaces including Little Vawnog Conservation Area and 2 small garden areas with seating.
  • Funding – we give grants for projects in the Community Council’s area. This impacts on biodiversity through cascading funding criteria.
We promote sustainability and biodiversity by pursuing sustainability goals and sustainable practises whenever possible.

We serve approximately 7,500 residents. The precept for 2019/20 is £185,000.

Action Report:

Offa Community Council has taken the following steps to embed biodiversity into decision making & procurement:

Taken into account biodiversity considerations when considering planning applications and other associated matters such as footpath diversion orders.

Raised awareness of biodiversity and its importance by encouraging the community to volunteer in environmental awareness days and litter picks in green spaces.

Safeguarded principal species and habitats by developing and maintaining a large conservation area with 3 distinct habitats woodland, meadow and riverbank situated on the edge of a residential development in association with volunteers from the local community and the National Trust at Erddig.

Tackled negative factors to reduce pollution by a sustainable procurement policy and reducing the use of pesticides.

The s6 duty will be monitored throughout the year and the s6 plan reviewed every 3 years.